Persons with disabilities and India

International Day of Persons with Disabilities is being observed across the globe with an aim to promote well-being and rights of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social and economic life in the society.
In India, there are around 2.68 crore persons with disabilities as per latest population census data. Observer and rights activists, however, feel that the actual number of persons with disability will more than the number recorded in census. Total number of differently abled people will be between 4 crores and 8 crores, suggests World Bank. According to statistical report of the Union Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, persons with disabilities are highest in the age group 10-19 years.
We can not ignore the fact that the persons with disabilities which constitute a significant part of the Indian population, are living a very difficult and challenging life. They are still isolated from the mainstream of the society and have been facing discrimination.
Even though, the Govt has increased the job reservation quota for the persons with disabilities under the Disabilities Act, 2016, the persons with disabilities are not accommodated in Govt job as per quota system due to faulty implementation of reservation policy.
Mere seminar and workshop on the rights of the persons with disability will not serve the purpose. The civil society and Govt must join together for equal rights of the people with disabilities in the society.