Non-Nagas oppose inclusion of areas in Nagalim

[ Pisi Zauing ]
BORDUMSA, Dec 5: At least 10 non-Naga communities residing in Changlang district have registered strong objection to the inclusion of their ancestral land in the Nagalim structure.
The objection was raised during a meeting attended by representatives of various communities, including Singpho, Yobin, Khampti, Deori, Ahom, Adivasi, and others at the Singpho Heritage Centre in Bordumsa on Monday.
The representatives said they were constitutionally comfortable under the framework of Arunachal Pradesh and the Indian constitution, and that any design to include Bordumsa, Miao, Namphai and Modoi-Diyun areas in the Nagalim Framework Agreement reached between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM) would not be tolerated.
‘Since we are non-Nagas, the question of snatching our land forcibly and integrating it with Nagalim does not arise,’ they said in a joint statement.
They also asked for the provisions to protect their rights in case their lands are integrated with Nagalim.
The gathering further resolved that Article 371 (A) of the Indian Constitution, which is the base of the agreement between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India, should not be extended to non-Naga inhibited areas as ‘it would yield only negative results.’
‘In case such a plot is in place, a large-scale democratic movement will be launched,’ the resolution stated, and asked the state government to be firm and clear about its stance on the issue.