Union serves ultimatum demanding deletion of Chakmas from electoral roll

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Dec 7: The All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) on Thursday served a week’s ultimatum to the state government to meet the union’s five-point charter of demands, including immediate deletion of 627 Chakma names from the electoral roll of the 14th Doimukh (ST) Assembly Constituency.
In a press conference, APPDSU President Nabam Tado threatened to launch a 12 hours bandh on December 19 if the government fails to act on the union’s demands.
“When all applications for citizenship submitted by Chakmas and Hajongs were rejected by the state government, how come 627 Chakmas were listed in the electoral roll?” Tado demanded to know. “If 627 Chakma voters cast their votes, it could determine the fate of a candidate in the Doimukh Assembly Constituency,” he said.
The union has asked the state government to revoke its notification for temporary land allotment to Chakmas and Hajongs at Kokila (from Magoni to the Changmara River), arguing that their continued settlement at any particular area would assist them in making legal claims over entitlement of beneficiaries, including land rights.
The APPDSU is also seeking the removal of the officer responsible for accepting the candidature of four Chakma candidates in the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Combined and Competitive Examination (Prelims).
It has further asked the government to engage a legal counsel to counter the writ petition filed by one Mirina Chakma against the State of Arunachal Pradesh, and the petition filed by one Amal Kumar Chakma, seeking the court’s intervention in putting in abeyance the forthcoming summary of revision of the electoral rolls of the panchayat raj elections.
Claiming that the creation of various works departments in Papum Pare district, such as the DC Capital Complex, the DDSE Capital Complex, and other line departments, has resulted in ‘administrative confusion,’ the union asked for immediate revocation of orders in this regard issued by the previous government.
It claimed that the creation of new departments makes jurisdiction unclear and creates clashes between officials over their duties.