TMPK demands intervention on China’s illegal activities

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: Takam Mising Porin Kebang (TMPK), the Assam-based Mising Students’ Union, has demanded that the central government and the international communities intervene into the illegal activities being carried out by China in Tibet, thereby polluting the Tsangpo River, which takes the name of Siang in Arunachal Pradesh and Brahmaputra in Assam.
The union also demanded that the Chinese government immediately stop illegal diversion of the Yorlung Tsangpo River, and to stop polluting it.
The TMPK, along with the Mising Action Committee and the All Mising Women’s Front will organize a protest rally on December 11 across Assam and Ranaghat in Pasighat against China’s conspiracy to destroy the flora and fauna of the river.
It also appealed to the people to rise to the occasion and protest against China’s designs.