Issue of national importance

For the last few days concern over river Siang turning muddy has made people of Arunachal deeply worried and anxious. The water of Siang has turned muddy in the last two months at the point where it enters India from Tibet. The change in the colour of the water, which was first noticed near Geling in Upper Siang district, has triggered many local residents and conscious citizens to suspect a ‘Chinese hand’ in it. Siang flows about 1,600 kilometres as Tsangpo River through the Tibet plateau before entering India in Arunachal Pradesh. The river becomes Brahmaputra after it flows into Assam near Sadiya.
Congress MP Ninong Ering has written to Prime Minister to draw attention of Union Government. However, so far the response from centre has been lukewarm. At this point of Year River Siang remains crystal clear and therefore it is matter of serious concern to know that river is still muddy. It is quite possible that China may have begun some construction activities in the upstream. Some of the major rivers of Arunachal which is tributary of Brahmaputra River originate from China. If indeed Chinese start constructing dam or divert water of these rivers it will greatly affect the whole North East region. The government of India needs to take up this issue seriously with the China. No leeway should be given to a hostile neighbour like China when it is matter of national concern. Government of India should carry out proper study into the phenomena of Siang River turning muddy. It is an issue of national importance which deserves the attention of the central government.