Rafting expedition on Kameng River conducted

SEPPA, Dec 12: In a bid to contribute to tourism promotion, particularly adventurous sports in East Kameng district, the Rang Adventurous Team under the aegis of the Rang Welfare Society (RWS) in association with the Kameng Eco Adventure Club (KEAC), participated in a three-day white-water river rafting expedition on the Kameng River recently.
The team, which set off from Pacha Morang on the morning of 9 December, manoeuvred the raft along more than a 100-km stretch of the river, and the expedition culminated at the tail race point of the 600 mw Kameng HEP in Kimin, West Kameng district, on 11 December.
The team halted the first night at the confluence of the Pappu and Kameng Rivers, after negotiating a series of undulating rapid waves. It spent the second night at a point about 40 kms from the confluence.
The team found more than 80 rapid white-water waves along the rafting stretch. The team also sighted birds and wild animals such as hornbills, cranes, deer, leopards, monkeys, and elephant, and varieties of fishes during the expedition.
‘White water rafting on the Kameng River could potentially promote adventure tourism in East Kameng and West Kameng districts,’ the team stated in a release on Tuesday.
It appealed to the tourism department to conduct white-water rafting expeditions over Kameng River annually to promote tourism in a larger way.
‘Once developed fully, it could earn handsome revenue for the department, and bring job opportunities to the local youths,’ it said.
The seven-member team included Mara Kocho, Kaya Rang, Rai Tamar, Aabing Tallang, Taguk Rang, Sangkam Tamar, and Ashok Rang, guided by certified rafters Lokar Tallo, Nibu Beyong, and Tabya Dodum of the KEAC.
The KEAC is the only registered society from East Kameng to be empanelled under the state’s tourism department to conduct white-water river rafting expeditions in Arunachal Pradesh.