TKE Consortium begs to be left out of ‘political one-upmanship’

ITANAGAR, Dec 13: Reacting to the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee’s (APCC) allegation of ‘torture of businessmen’ by the tax authorities, the TK Engineering Consortium Pvt Ltd on Wednesday said the firm’s name has been unnecessarily dragged into a political controversy.
In a statement issued here on Wednesday, TKE’s Director, Techi Tara, appealed to political parties to keep private matters out of political one-upmanship.
Tara informed that TK Engineering shares cordial relations with the tax authorities, and regularly complies with all the rules laid down by them.
‘Therefore, the question of the income tax authorities terrorizing us does not arise as has been alleged,’ he said.
Regarding the income tax raid, Tara said it is a legal procedure of government agencies to conduct any raid, search, or investigate to ensure that public fund is not misused.
‘For private companies operating large businesses across the nation, it is usual to receive income tax notices as, often, due to various reasons, there might be delays in filing of returns. Whenever we receive any such notice we promptly respond to it. In the recent case too we have fully cooperated with the authorities,’ Tara said.
He said the firm is currently undertaking several major projects across the nation, ‘and we are proud to be part of the nation-building efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.’
Tara said TKE believes in remaining true to the aim of nation-building and keeping away from political matters.
‘We truly honour the concern shown by political parties towards issues concerning us, but we urge everyone to keep us out of any kind of political slugfest,’ said Tara.