Capital DA to install AVTS and geo-fencing

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: The Capital Complex district administration is in the process of installing the Automatic Vehicle Tracking System (AVTS) through GPS and GPRS and Android-based geo-fencing attendance solution for field staff engaged under the establishment of the administration.
Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan informed that the installation of the system would help real-time tracking of garbage vehicles, and also lifting of garbage bins for better management of solid waste.
He informed that the benefits of the AVTS include improving vehicle productivity and reducing non-compliance; optimizing vehicles usage and proper route planning; monitoring vehicle breakdown; monitoring waste collection through a centralised command control centre; and transportation and efficient monitoring and management of waste bins.
He said it would also help in monitoring transfer stations, processing centres for daily garbage inward and outward “and that would help eliminate the human factor from the entire cycle of solid waste management process, starting from collection to disposal thereby reducing expenditure.”
The DC also informed that through the geo-fencing attendance solution employees can log their attendance using geo-fencing tool in a GPS enabled device (mobile) when they are present in a designated perimeter.
The district administration has already floated an RFP for the same, the details of which can be downloaded from the website (DIPRO)