Firm donates e-waste collection bin to APC

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: Guwahati-based Rongjeng Technologies on Thursday donated an e-waste collection dustbin to the Arunachal Press Club (APC) – the aim being ‘to raise awareness among the public and other stakeholders about the need of recycling electronic waste.’
Rongjeng Technologies’ State Coordinator Pema Wangmu said the project seeks to support the development of e-waste management for the electronics industry and address the challenge of responsible collection and recycling of electronic waste in the entire North-East.
“The goal of the project is to work with private sector entities, industry associations, and waste management companies to establish a long-term solution to the e-waste challenges in India,” Wangmu said.
Informing that the company will collect e-waste from different locations and send it to Guwahati for recycling, Wangmu added that the company will be responsible for “supporting the project in executing the implementation of a sustainable e-waste solution in North-East India.”