Snow leopards and Arunachal

Dear Editor,
Snow leopards have been reported from the picturesque state of Arunachal Pradesh for quite sometime now.
Recently photo evidences of the existence of this majestic and elusive big cat has been recorded in the remote western part of the state too.
The State Government has requested the centre to initiate a full scale survey of snow leopard in the state. Unfortunately till date, Arunachal Pradesh is one of the least explored and under surveyed area of the Indian republic and needs serious and immediate attention.
The extremely lethargic Geological, Botanical and Zoological Surveys of India should be pushed to conduct extensive surveys in the state to record all the local natural resources as well as the spectacular flora and fauna. Demands should be raised through Arunachal Assembly for additional funding for surveys conducted in the sate from the Central Government.
Extensive mapping of the unexplored forests, sensitive and remote border areas adjoining China and Myanmar needs to conducted seriously in close association with the border security agencies and the Indian army to infiltrate extremely remote areas with zero or no infrastructure.
I sincerely believe that Arunachal will have list of new species of plants and animals as well as new and unknown premier habitats of snow leopards, red panda and are other endangered wildlife. It will also help developing awareness in the state which is still vulnerable to poaching and hunting for bush meat.
Arunachal Pradesh has the potential to develop into one of the major tourist hotspots for India bringing in economic prosperity, if more information is made available to the public about this unimaginably beautiful North East border state of India.
Saikat Kumar Basu,