Take appropriate step

Despite government’s tall claim, the allegation of shortage of teachers continues to pour in from various parts of the state. This time, the Longding District Students’ Union claimed that government primary school in Wanu village under Longding district is facing a shortage of teachers. Union also alleged that only two teachers have been given the responsibility of running a school where currently 168 students are studying. Ironically the present education minister of state Honchun Ngandam hails from the Londging district. If the schools falling under the home district of sitting education minister complaints about lack of teacher, then what must be condition of the rest of the state?
State government has miserably failed to address the concern of teacher shortage. Lack of political will to initiate effective transfer and posting policy is a big hindrance towards equal distribution of teachers in all the schools. There is constant interference by the political class whenever education department carries out transfer and posting of teachers. It is a well known fact that majority of students depends on government school for education. The lack of teachers especially that of the subject teachers is posing grave threat to the future of the thousands of students. Before time runs out, the state government needs to intervene and take appropriate step to save the future of the students.