Untold sacrifices, hardships and Commission’s apathy

Dear Editor,
For many civil service aspirants, apart from hopes and dreams, preparation for the Exam comes with many untold sacrifices and hardships.
There are many stories of struggle and sacrifice behind its’ preparation ,that will move many hearts.
Let’s take my story as an illustration. My father was sick during my preparation for the Exam. I visited him less frequent than the frequency I was supposed to visit him. instead, I had given my time for APPSCCE(prelims)-2017.
Thinking that if I get through this exam, I can compensate today’s suffering with joy in tomorrow. Today my father is no more.
My friends and relatives, even my wife complaints that I am a selfish person. For I didn’t give time to them I ought to give them as a friend, as a relative and as a husband; For I had a belief that I can be a normal friend, a relative and a husband when this exam.is over.
In my office all my colleagues including my officers started viewing me as a mean person as my focus was in exam and I put everything in second priority.
In the process I found my life has become harder and demanded more sacrifices. Yet I had worth that struggle and sacrifice.
And today, I read notification of the exam.as cancelled!
Most of aspirants had sacrificed many more hard truths for this exam.
It might be the best decision under prevailing situation, but Commission is answerable to the aspirants and the people for these ugly happenings.
We need introspection with sincerity. This sorry development has its root in our own mentality and attitude. To grasp what I meant, visit any office in our twin capital cities, you will find staffs come to office at 11 AM and officers at 12 AM only to leave office in a rush in the evening.