Commission of Copy and Paste

Dear Editor,
I would like to appeal all the members of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission to give up their respective posts on moral ground as they have failed in their very sole prime duty.
I have no question over their intelligence and nature of intellectuals. Of course these people are some of the brightest minds in our state. But the recent anomalies in prelims paper have showed us that they are incapable of conducting the prestigious civil service exam of our state.
They are the people who are responsible for selecting the officers that would administrate the state in coming days.
A fine administrator can only be come from a fair exam and a rigorous training. The future of our state depends on these officials who are directing the exam. But instead of giving a fair test to the aspirants, they were busy in copy and paste work.
I do not think they are capable of conducting this exam because if they really are, they would not have had to copy and paste, thousands of frustrated aspirants would not be ready to stage dharna and you would not be reading this letter.
Let us appeal to change all the committee members of APPSC, otherwise in future we have to face the same anomalies in paper. This time, I am expecting questions from Bangladesh’s civil service exam.
Guni Pabin
Central University of Punjab,