Questionable exam schedule and expenses

Dear Editor,
Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I an aspirant of the APPSC, currently pursuing my M.Phil./PhD in JNU New Delhi, would like to draw attention to some grievous matters which may not have come in focus amidst various other debates circulating the cancelation of the recently conducted APPSCCE. While the debate regarding the irresponsibility of the concerned committee and the actions that needs to be taken shouldn’t be undermined, the focus of this writing is exclusively student centric and where APPSC has failed its aspirants.
Firstly, I would like to draw the attention to scheduling the date for the exam i.e. 26th Nov. 2017. It must be noted here that, the last week of November and 1st week December is utterly crucial for students, as this is the time period when most central (or private) universities conduct the end semester exam. The struggle of juggling through the exams was a very unnecessary hindrance in my opinion, when the concerned authorities could have been more considerate and attentive.
Secondly, another important issue that needs to be brought into limelight is regarding the expenses made by the students. Here, I would specially like to highlight the expenditure of the students pursuing their respective studies outside of the state. While it must be agreed upon that the direct connectivity of Arunachal to the rest of the country is really poor (except for the weekly Naharlagun express connecting Delhi and Naharlagun), it is extremely expensive as well. My concern regarding these issues are, whether these issue has even crossed the minds of the concerned authorities, and if there is any prospects whatsoever, on compensating the student for the time, energy and financial loss we had to bear. While, it may seem unethical requesting for compensation on the energy and time loss we bore, the issue of financial loss can at the least be addressed and it is relatively feasible in my opinion.
Nabam Tunia
New Delhi