Blatant exhibition of intellectual bankruptcy

Dear Editor,
It has become a “fashion” of sorts to malign and belittle the personality and capabilities of Rahul Gandhi. If he is indeed such a “mediocre” leader as being suggested by the Who’s Who of BJP and its blind admirers since last few years; then why are they not daring to ignore Gandhi! No they can’t afford to ignore this ‘Pappu’ because the saffron brigade is well aware of the fact that Gandhi is their greatest political threat and he can be ignored only at their own peril!
And soon after announcement of Rahul Gandhi’s election as Congress President, his critics have zealously started to beat the trumpet of “resumption of dynasty”! What a brute insult to the intellect of the common Indian electorate! Barring six years of A.B.Vajpayee Government, three years of ongoing “Good Days” regime and few years of so-called Third Front led by Morarji Desai-Charan Singh-H.D.Devegowda-I.K.Gujral; it was Congress all the way in the Centre right from the dawn of independence under the leadership of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister/Chairman of UPA. Now had Congress and its “dynastic” leaders snatched power through the might of the sword? Far from it. Rather the party had been bestowed power at the Centre by none other than the free will of the Indian electorate through the exercise of universal adult franchise as enshrined in the Constitution. Still if it gets continuously propagated that “dynasty” was at work, shouldn’t it be deduced as a supreme insult to the intelligence of the common Indian people? Innumerable people vote for Congress thanks to its policies on various issues or by getting attracted by the personality/charisma of its leaders, many of whom might happen to be of a particular family as well. But does that mean that people vote for a particular dynasty? Also there exist a large section of people who vote for Congress not due to any special affinity, but just to keep the Hindutva brigade at bay. So it is indeed bizarre to notice the blatant exhibition of intellectual bankruptcy, filth and character-assassination in the Indian polity bearing zero respect to anything logic or sane!
Kajal Chatterjee,