Letter to Governor

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to write this letter to the governor of Arunachal Pradesh regarding APPPSC and its fiasco.
Recently, APPSC has cancelled the preliminary examination held on 26th November. As Governor is new to the chair, he must not be aware about previous such incidents of APPSC. These officers of APPSC have repeatedly played with time and hard work of aspirants put for the exams but these officers are never held responsible and no actions have been initiated ever.
It is also to be informed that official held responsible for the paper leakages of 2013 APPSCE examination are still in the same office.
As they have already cancelled this year’s preliminary examination, it is punishing the aspirants for no mistake of theirs.We can expect fair examination only when officers starting from chairman and secretary are removed from their respective chairs.
Lastly, I request Governor to remove all the officials responsible for recent question paper fiasco and then only re-conduct the examination.
An Aspirant