A shock

Dear Editor,
This is in regard to the decision of the APPSCC to introduce the UPSC pattern for the State Civil Service Examination, which came as a shock to many of the students with Humanities and law background. There are huge chucks of aspirants including me who have been banking on the State Civil services considering how tough the UPSC pattern has become.
It’s also a well known fact that to sit for the aptitude portion of the syllabus we will require fresh coaching which is not only monetarily taxing for so many of us but also time consuming considering the State Commission will try and conduct the exam within a few months. Why should we suffer because of the incompetence of the Commission in conducting the exam in the first place? We already have mental aptitude covered in the previous syllabus; the proposal to overhaul the entire syllabus at this point of time is totally unfair and unjust and is certainly not a reasonable solution as for now.
Aggrieved aspirant