Book on shamanic rituals launched

[ Karyir Riba ]
CHETA, Dec 24: Former Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS) President Jatan Pulu launched the Idu Mishmi Shamanic Funeral Ritual-Ya, a book based on the death rituals of the Idu Mishmis, performed by the Igu (shaman/indigenous priest), at the Central Rehko Hall here in Lower Dibang Valley district on Sunday.
The book is the first publication from the IMCLS.
A first of its kind, the book is a research publication by Dr Razzeko Dele on the ‘shamanic oral chants and rituals related to mortuary behaviour among the Idu Mishmis of Arunachal Pradesh.’
The author said that, apart from answering all the questions related to the Ya ritual, the book will enable readers to understand many aspects of the culture and history of the Idu Mishmis.
“Shamanic chants are oral chants and need to be explained to the coming generations through book form and other documentation. If such step is not taken now, with the number of shamans/indigenous priests gradually decreasing, no record will be left for the coming generation to know of such traditional practices,” Pulu said in his address.
He expressed hope that such documentation would be churned out by the current educated generation, as well.
Among others, IMCLS President Ginko Linggi, IMCLS VP Bishen Mepo, GS IMCLS Rao Dele, Dr Rajiv Miso, and Dr Tarun Mene attended the launch function.
The book cover has been designed by Jiko Linggi.