Contentious bill

A bill that makes instant “Triple Talaq” criminal offence was passed this evening by the Lokh Sabha. Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, who introduced the legislation in the Lok Sabha, said it was a “historic day for India.” Though majority of political parties supported the bill but parties like AIMIM, BJD and AIADMK opposed it. However the bill can get stuck in the Rajya Sabha where ruling party does not have the majority. Also the opposition of friendly allies like BJD and AIADMK might further complicate the matter in Upper House for the ruling BJP. Both houses must clear legislation for it to become law.
Though BJP deserves credit for introducing the Triple Talaq bill, the concern raised by opposition is not without basis. AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi while opposing the bill alleged that Muslims community has not been taken into confidence while preparing the bill. This is a valid issue and government should have involved the community before preparing such an important bill. Also the opposition parties have raised concern over various provisions of bill which cannot be simply ignored by the government. The bill is expected to face turbulent time in Rajya Sabha. In all probability it might be sent to a parliamentary committee for review and is unlikely to be passed in the winter session. Hopefully the committee will take note of concern put forwarded by opposition parties and various Muslim bodies. The bill should truly serve the interest of Muslim women. It should not be used just to score political brownie points.