National Consumer Day celebrated

MARO, Dec 31: The Legal Metrology & Consumer Affairs (LM&CA) department celebrated National Consumer Day on 29 December in collaboration with the All Arunachal Pradesh Consumer Association (AAPCA) at Bazaar Line here in Upper Subansiri district.
LM&CA Assistant Controller in-charge Bengia Daro briefed the participants on the rights of consumers and the role of traders, and highlighted how even traders are consumers. He urged the bazaar committees and NGOs to provide proper knowledge to the consumers and traders about the consumer law.
Lune Educational Foundation Charitable Society Chairman Adap Maling urged consumers to cooperate with the department and consumer organizations for speedy and inexpensive remedy of grievances, besides receiving specific relief or compensation.
Maling also highlighted the importance of the consumer movement, and called for promoting the basic rights and responsibilities of all consumers.