Donyi Polo Day celebrated

ROING, Jan 2: The Donyi Polo Day was grandly celebrated at the Parbuk Donyi Polo Gangging under Dambuk constituency on 31 December.
42nd Dambuk MLA Gum Tayeng remembered the contributions of Golgi Bote Talom Rukbo and stressed that he truly deserves to be the father of Donyi Poloism.
Tayeng also inaugurated the newly constructed cycle stand at the gangging premises and assured to renovate it soon.
Also attending the celebrations, 8th Bukkong ZPM Starson Saring, donated a cupboard, a guitar and a public addressing system to the gangging. He hoped that the followers of Donyi Polo would continue to spread the message of peace and brotherhood in the world.
At Ruksin, members of Donyi-Polo Yelam Kebang observed Donyi-Polo Day with religious fervour at the Pasighat Central Gangging with other ganggings set up in different villages of East Siang district and Jonai of bordering Assam on Sunday.
The day-long celebration included hoisting of the Donyi-Polo flag, congregational prayer, discussions and community feast.
Attending the celebrations, former union minister Omak Apang and former health minister Dr Tangor Tapak spoke on the need of preservation of indigenous faith and cultural practices to protect the identity of the indigenous tribes of the state.
Celebrations were also held at Rani Village and attended by Pasighat West MLA Tatung Jamoh, East Siang Deputy Commissioner Tamiyo Tatak and other dignitaries.