Complaint lodged against absentee teacher

PASIGHAT, Jan 10: Locals of Jampani area in East Siang district bordering Assam have reported that the assistant teacher of Government Primary School, Jampani has been allegedly abstaining from school duty for the last three months.
In a written complaint, the villagers led by Gaon Burah Tate Saroh stated that assistant teacher of Jampani Primary School, Ogam Ratan has been absent from school for over three months. They alleged that teacher Ratan is engaged in business activities rather than attending school, which is causing concern among the school children as well their parents.
Meanwhile, the Gaon Burah and other villagers have submitted a complaint with the East Siang DDSE demanding immediate transfer of assistant teacher Ratan for alleged dereliction of duty.
‘The alleged teacher was once ordered a transfer from the school, but he did not leave the school and managed to retain his job here by the blessing of political leader,’ the villagers noted in the complaint.
Officials of the Education department informed that JT Ogom Ratan has not taken any long-term leave.
When contacted, the headmaster concerned affirmed that “absenteeism is a common nature of Ratan, who is also often involved in business activities rather than attending his school duty”.
Teacher Ratan was not available for any comment regarding the allegation against him.