‘RCC structures in rice fields erasing beauty of Ziro plateau’

ZIRO, Jan 10: Rampant construction of RCC structures in paddy fields is gradually erasing the beauty of Ziro plateau, observed senior journalist Taro Chatung.
He said, in the recent times, many RCC structures have come up in the paddy fields of Ziro plateau thereby compromising the beauty of the plateau, which has been enlisted by the UNESCO to be declared as the World Heritage Site.
“If the trend continues, it is for sure that the people of Ziro will lose the ‘World Heritage Site’ from the UNESCO,” Chatung said, and added that many were also constructing rice field paths with cement.
On the other hand, he said, deforestation was also going on simultaneously where pine and bamboo groves are being destructed and forests cleared for raising kiwi orchards and collecting timber for dwelling houses and commercial purposes.
He said this kind of self-destructive activities will cause serious impact on the ecology in the near future.