WHO consultant on visit to Anjaw

HAWAII, Jan 11: The Measles and Rubella Vaccination Campaign (MRVC) in Anjaw has received a boost with the visit of World Health Organization (WHO) Consultant on Immunization, Dr Vineet Goyal, to the district.
Dr Goyal is currently visiting the district to monitor the status of the preparedness and implementation of the MRVC.
During an interaction with Deputy Commissioner Mamata Riba here on Thursday, Dr Goyal expressed appreciation for the fact that ANMs and health workers are working diligently in the sparsely populated belt where to reach some villages they have to traverse through difficult hilly terrain.
He expressed hope that health indicators would greatly improve, given the dedication seen on the ground.
Riba and District Medical Officer Dr K Perme highlighted the actual status of the MRVC in the district.
They informed that heads of schools have been notified as school nodal teacher for the campaign, and that panchayat members along with departments like ICDS and Education have been roped in to ensure 100% coverage.
Earlier, Dr Goyal, along with Dr Perme, the DRCHO, and others visited various health centres in the district.