DBYC skill trainees’ meet held

KURAVILANGAD (Kerala), Jan 16: Skill trainees in the hospitality sector, placed by the Itanagar-based Don Bosco Youth Centre (DBYC), recently underwent a two-day residential training-cum-evaluation programme at various resorts in Kerala and Pondicherry.
Forty-three representative skill trainees from 13 resorts participated in the programme, the DBYC informed in a release on Tuesday.
‘It comprised sessions on adapting to new situations and the cultural milieu of South India, and on addressing the challenges of migrating to new and unfamiliar regions,’ it said.
The trainees were advised to avoid behavior that alienates them from the general public, and to adapt to the discipline and restrictions the apparently traditional society of South India places on them. They were also advised to avoid any form of addiction, and to take good care of their health.
On the second day of the meet, local MLA Mons Joseph interacted with the trainees. He thanked them for the work they are putting in the hospitality sector, and offered them assistance, should they face difficulties.
The trainees expressed happiness in being part of the hospitality sector of the state which has a large number of Indian and foreign tourists turning up annually. Saying they are experiencing great job-satisfaction, they expressed appreciation for the work-culture and discipline they witness in their workplaces.
The two-day meet ended with a visit to the culturally famous St Mary’s Forane Church here.