Admin introduces new traffic plan, towing vehicles

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: The Capital Complex administration has unfolded a new traffic management plan after bringing the Itanagar Traffic Wardens (ITWs) under its umbrella.
Addressing the ITWs at an informational session on the new traffic management plan at Banquet Hall here on Thursday, Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan said that the traffic wardens’ role would not be limited to just traffic management, but that they would also be empowered to issue challans to people throwing garbage on the roads.
Traffic OC G Ete spoke on the various traffic rules and provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, while Extra Assistant Commissioner Toko Babu elaborated the new traffic management plan.
A new GPS-based attendance system was also presented on the occasion for the traffic wardens.
Superintendent of Police, Sagar Singh Khalsi hoped for a better traffic management by the traffic wardens after their induction into the administration. He hoped that the ITWs would be firm and polite while dealing with the public.
The new traffic management plan includes specified locations for U-turns, right turns, parking and one way streets.
U-turns will be allowed at Zero Point-P-Sector Road, Gompa Mandir Road, near Kingcup school, near Punjabi Dhaba, the Assembly tri-junction, near Gate No 2 of RK Mission Hospital, and Vivek Vihar tri-junction.
Right turns will be allowed at Bank Tinali tri-junction, the civil secretariat, the old Sumo counter near Ganga Market, and Hanuman Mandir in Ganga Market.
One-way traffic would be allowed in the BSNL-Gandhi Market-Police Station road, NH4 15-Higher Secondary School- Assembly Road, Division IV-Green Mount School-F-Sector-NH415 Road, and RK Mission-Division IV road.
Further, no parking zones are allowed opposite of RK Mission Gate 2 near the U-turn point, NH 415 opposite the clock tower in Ganga, and Bank Tinali traffic point to Hotel Ane.
Single-lane parking would be allowed in sector roads from NH 415-BSNL-Gandhi Market-Police Station Road-NH415, internal road at Ganga Market.
Further, all heavy vehicles except school buses, coming from Naharlagun should take route through Jully-Chimpu- Itanagar. No buses would be allowed to park near NH 415 opposite the clock tower, and 10 minutes stoppage is allowed to the buses. All APST buses should enter the APSTS station though Gate 1 and exit through Gate 2 near Blue Pine Hotel.
Heavy vehicles are barred from entering into the Capital Complex during peak hours. However, such vehicles will be permitted make entry into the Capital Complex from 9 pm to 7 am.
Three towing vehicles will be stationed at Hanuman Mandir, LMV parking zone and the Naharlagun police station.
Details of the plan will be available on the administration’s website:
The deputy commissioner urged the public to follow the new traffic guidelines and obey traffic rules to ease congestion in the capital roads. (DIPRO)