Measles Rubella vaccination to be launched in state

ITANAGAR, Jan 22: The Measles Rubella (MR) vaccination campaign will be launched throughout the state from 1 February, targeting beneficiaries between the ages of 9 months to 15 years, irrespective of their vaccine status.
The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare launched MR vaccination campaign, a single vaccine for dual protection against measles and rubella as part of Universal Immunization Programme in the country in February last year replacing the currently given two doses of measles vaccine, at 9-12 months and 16-24 months of age.
In the nationwide campaign, the Ministry will reach out to and cover 41 cr children in the age group of 9 months – 15 years.
In Itanagar, an urban task force meeting on the campaign was held on Monday headed by Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan to discuss the preparedness and the action undertaken by each of the stakeholders to sensitize and create awareness regarding the campaign.
The DC stressed on involving all the stakeholders, and on the role of the departments of Education, Health and ICDS.
He asked DDSE Mallo Yam Gollo to disseminate information regarding the vaccination at every school, and asked her to organise a meeting of teachers from every school to create proper awareness.
He also asked ICDS DD Dani Yami regarding sensitization at anganwadi centres.
Later, the heads of different health institutions in the Capital Complex presented the detailed action/IECs carried out by them to create awareness, which included visiting every school within their jurisdiction.
The DC also requested the councillors to mobilize and motivate the residents of their respective wards to take part in the campaign.
He also appealed to parents to cooperate with the district administration and to get their children immunized so that measles could be completely eliminated and rubella controlled.
DMO Dr Subu Tasso Kampu informed that the health department is already conducting awareness programmes on MRVC at all schools, anganwadi centres and religious institutes.
Highlighting that MR vaccination does not have any side effects except mild fever in some cases, the DMO sought cooperation of every parent to get their children vaccinated. She stressed that for the success of the campaign, the role of the parents is most important.
She further informed that the vaccination would be held at every school, the schedule of which is available in the website,, and the students can avail the vaccination at their respective schools.
Moreover, those below the age of 3 years or those who have not joined school can get the vaccination at anganwadi centres or the fixed site at the Itafort dispensary, RKMH, TRIHMS or different health units.
Earlier, Dr Kabak Tamar presented a brief on the MRVC and the role of the stakeholders in the programme.
Representatives from the UNICEF also spoke on the campaign and shared their experience of the campaign in other states.
DRCHO Dr J Ado and DANO Dr Tania Raju, along with medical officers in charge of health facilities in the Capital Complex attended the meeting.
In Pangin, the MRVC micro plan review-cum-core committee meeting for successful implementation of the campaign in Siang district was held on Monday by Deputy Commissioner Rahul Singh.
The DC informed the house that the objective of the meeting was to chalk out measures to be adopted for successful implementation of the MRVC and to achieve cent percent coverage for the district while assessing readiness of all departments and stakeholders involved in the campaign.
Terming the Education and ICDS departments as major facilitators in ensuring maximum coverage under the campaign, he directed all school principals to ensure completion of all tasks in the checklist and to hold a compulsory parent-teacher meeting on 26 January to generate awareness on the campaign.
Stressing on coordination between MOs and CDPOs, he directed the MOs to prepare a detailed micro plan for the campaign which should include details about the number of institutions, AWCs, village wise vaccination schedule, contacts of medical and other staff involved for ready reference.
The DC further directed all administrative officers to hold block level meetings of MOs, CDPOs, ASHAs, AWWs, BEOs, school principals, PRI members, GBs and HGBs in their respective jurisdiction to ensure effective implementation and greater coordination.
Stating that it would be a big failure for all the stakeholders if any child is affected by these diseases even after the campaign, he sought active involvement of everyone involved.
DMO Dr R Darung and DRCHO Dr T Mize educated all members present about the disease, the campaign against its prevention and eradication while addressing all related FAQs on the subject.
The preparedness of all PHCs and CHCs in the district was reviewed.
The meeting ended with discussion on challenges, responsibilities and steps to be adopted for achieving success in the campaign.
Among others, the meeting was also attended by the DDSE, all administrative officers, CDPOs, medical officers, BRCCs, CRCCs and BEOs of the district, principals and headmasters of various schools, nursing and medical staff. (DIPROs)