Arunachal Pradesh: The Land of dreams and promises

[ Denhang Bosai ]
Arunachal Pradesh is an enchanting land blessed with many unexplored and unexposed treasures. Historically the land is shrouded in myth and legend. It emanates an aura of vibrating cultural life of the tribal people and throbs with the lovely rhythm of their music, dances and traditions.
From its unknown and unrecorded days to erstwhile NEFA days, Arunachal Pradesh has traversed a long and arduous journey. Arunachal can well be described as a mystique land that can potentially mesmerize and hypnotize the people from outside with its myriad cultural diversity, strange-sounding dialects, soulful folksongs, foot-tapping music, folkdances and some rather unique and interesting traditional practices of the tribals.
Here is a place, wherein the people still trust the rooster’s crow more than the modern day clock to begin their early morning chores. Here is a place, wherein the tribals still trust the waxing moon and calls of birds and insects to start their agriculture and horticulture activities.
Since people live in the lap of Mother Nature they know her ways and moods like the back of their hands. They trust her and worship her because of the bountiful gifts she bestows upon the tribals. Since the tribals repose their unflinching faith in Mother Nature, their traditional practices and age-old traditional systems are directly connected to Nature. Wherever the tribals begin any ritual or activity, be it in the village, jhumland, river or forest they invariably pay obeisance to the Mother Nature; the life-giver.
This is the reason why the state of Arunachal Pradesh has the maximum forest cover with pure rivers, crystal clear streams and unpolluted air. The Mother Nature has been more than kind to the state. It is imperative that the people should and must continue to love and venerate Mother Nature.
Arunachal Pradesh holds promises galore in tourism, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, hydropower, herbal medicines and of course, human resources. However, the people, especially the youth will have to wake up from their slough of despondency, self-pity, defeatist mindset and realize their tremendous potentials. They must shake off their smallness and look at the big world outside which is full of avenues, opportunities and possibilities.
As a matter of fact, the world has no time to listen to the complaints of the defeated and the vanquished. It always goes with the winners and sings in their glory. The youth of the state must do away with their laid-back attitude and be willing to travel the proverbial extra mile to achieve excellence in their chosen fields in this fiercely competitive world.
They have to accept the fact that nothing is served on a platter. In order to achieve their cherished goals they will have to strive hard by surmounting all the stumbling-blocks in their way.
The state government under the dynamic and visionary leadership of the young Chief Minister Pema Khandu has already embarked on a number of truly path-breaking and ambitious development projects that can potentially catapult or pitch-fork the state to unfathomable height of unprecedented development and progress. The state government has identified the vast natural resources available in the state and has developed mechanisms and managed the required expertise to harness the rich natural resources for the all round development of the state.
However, they say that the government is only as good as the people. Without the willing support and cooperation of the people the government can do precious little. So, the onus is on the people of the state to be willing and active partners in the development of Arunachal Pradesh by extending their full cooperation to Pema Khandu government which is people-friendly and people-centric.
The state of Arunachal Pradesh is often dubbed as ‘mini India’ wherein tribals of multi-ethnic entities with distinct cultures and people from all over India following different faiths and cultures live in close harmony. This unique state bestowed with snow-capped lofty mountains, verdant hills, sub-tropical forest, serene and enchanting valleys and plains in the foothills has the potential to make a speedy headway and race past the other more developed states to create a pride of place in the country.
The journey towards the glorious future of the state has begun with fond hopes and unwavering optimism which must continue uninterrupted without a hitch. Just as the humble past of the state inspires the people to march ahead, the bright future beckons the people to reach out for the stars.
Together the people can do it. Together they can do wonders. Together they can transform Arunachal Pradesh into a land of opportunities and possibilities and make it shine like the brightest star in the firmament.
Thankfully, the hitherto frequent political instability which was the greatest nemesis for the state is today a thing of the distant past thanks to the political acumen of CM Pema Khandu and policies and programmes initiated by him.
The state is now all poised to attain greater height of progress and development in all spheres under his able leadership. The political leaders belonging to various political parties have at long last realized the futility of indulging in political dissention and resentment. Thanks to the honest effort put in by the present state government, the state capital Itanagar has been selected for Smart City after Pasighat. This is a God-send opportunity for the citizens of the state to beautify and add more useful infrastructures to the twin capital.
They say that a place is only as good as the residents. The onus is on the denizens to make their capital and the state beautiful, free from all vices.
Yours truly wishes a very happy and joyous 68th Republic Day.(The writer is Deputy Director, Information and Public Relations and can be reached at