‘Unspoken words’ to speak on social issues

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jan 25: The Wild Flower Production on Thursday announced that it will launch ‘The Vivid Project (Unspoken words)’ – a web-based poetry series focusing on various issues in Arunachal Pradesh – on 27 January.
“The Vivid Project is a web-based poetry series, collaborating with six versatile poets of Arunachal Pradesh voicing out their thoughts on varied issues in the form of spoken words and poetry, using audio-visual media,” project director Karry Padu told media persons at the press club.
“This is indeed a New Age campaign aiming to create an impact amidst various age groups and strata of the society through digital and social media platforms,” Padu said.
He said the project would be “a breakthrough for the youths of Arunachal Pradesh to empower and express themselves and make their presence felt in the wave of movements happening across the country to liberate minds and create new paths.”
“The project will feature different stories about the society, about women’s emancipation, and about social issues which no one has spoken yet,” said Subi Taba, a young poet.
The project also includes assistant professor Tai Tugung (who is also an actor, director and playwright), local rapper K4 Kekho, and budding poets Oyi Taki, Millo Ankha and Sushant Jha.