Worrying trend

As per the government data, the Chinese incursion into Indian Territory has risen in the last one year. In 2016 the number of transgression incident was reported to be 273 which have gone upto 426 in 2017. This latest data should worry everyone. Chinese do not seem ready to accept LAC and continues to indulge in incursion activities without fear. In the last one year several major incidents of Chinese incursion into Indian Territory has been reported.
Towards the end of year Chinese road-building teams entered around 1 kilometre inside Indian Territory in Tuting area of Arunachal Pradesh. The incident took place on December 28, 2017. The Chinese team members reportedly included civilians as well as uniformed personnel. Another major flashpoint took place at Doklam where troops of India and China were locked in a 73-day standoff in June last year after the Indian side stopped the construction of a road in the disputed area by the Chinese Army. India and China share nearly 4,000 km-long border. Maximum number of incursion activities is reported from Ladakh region and Arunachal Pradesh. In both these area road connectivity is quite poor. Even at Tuting where Chinese road building team entered there is no road on the Indian side. Indians troops often walks days to patrol along the Macmahon line. If India wants to stop China from indulging in misadventure along international border then it will have to improve road and other means of communication to effectively counter them.