CM urged to initiate measures to stop river pollution

ITANAGAR, Feb 7: Expressing concern over depletion of the ecosystem due to river pollution, particularly in the Capital Complex, the Youth Mission for Clean River-AP (YMCR-AP) has appealed to the chief minister to take necessary measures to protect the ecological balance.
The YMCR has drawn the attention of the chief minister, particularly towards rising pollution in Senki River, which flows through Itanagar, Naharlagun, Nirjuli and Banderdewa.
In its representation, the YNCR said that the water quality of the river has turned from bad to worse over the years, posing serious threat not only to human and aquatic life, but also the environment of the capital city.
“With the expanding population of human settlement, lots of pollutants, like sewage, household wastes and all kinds of garbage are being dumped into the river, consciously and unconsciously, which directly affects the quality of water and aquatic life,” it said.
The YMCR said that it had also approached the Arunachal Pradesh Pollution Control Board to know whether the Board has taken any measures to control the pollution of rivers and streams in the state. “However, the reply was negative,” it said.
The YMCR put forward some ideas and suggestions before the chief minister to reduce or control river pollution for consideration, which included constitution of a Senki River Board Committee to monitor and supervise the cleanliness of the river; declaration of state clean river day and mandatory social service at various rivers by the government employees; setting up of sewage treatment plant in various suitable locations in the Capital Complex; launching of sanitation programme/ Swachh Bharat Abhiyans along river banks; and prohibiting riverside dwellers from direct disposal of human excreta and household wastes to river by issuing notice.
It also urged the chief minister to issue strict order for compulsory construction of septic tanks, deployment of special guards for vigil on unauthorised dumping of garbage into the river, declaration of Clean Senki River day in the state calendar, prohibit illegal earth cutting and illegal blocking and diversion of natural stream.
Further, the YMCR informed that it would organize the first phase of Mission Clean River Campaign at Senki River on 17 February with the objective to preserve and protect the river and its surrounding.