BJP rejects Cong. allegations

ITANAGAR, Feb 14: State BJP president, Tapir Gao rejected all the allegations of APCC president Takam Sanjoy and termed his press briefing on the eve of Prime Minister’s visit “a reflection of myopic vision of an insolent political party and its leaders”.
Gao also stated that several Congress leaders are feeling the heat after the PDS case was handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which is why “they are resorting to cheap tactics”.
“Congress’ antic will not affect the PM’s visit. We are expecting a record turn-up for the event and I invite the Congress party workers to join the programme to listen to the Prime Minister who is one of the best orators in the world today,” said Gao while suggesting that the Congress to be more patient as it is ‘unlikely to return to power and BJP shall go full hog into the past corrupt practices of several Congress leaders.’
“Not just in PDS Scam, I can assure the people of Arunachal Pradesh that many more skeletons would tumble out from the closets of Congress leaders in days to come and several would go to jail. Therefore, it is not surprising that two bitter rivals within Congress – Richo and Sanjoy- were sitting together to address the media on Tuesday last,” said Gao in a release.
Gao further added that in so far as the policy decisions taken are concerned, BJP will stick to its ideology of ‘Nation First’.
“Our party is not here to serve any individual interest. Rather, in the larger interest of the nation and to provide peace and development, our government has never hesitated in reviewing the earlier decisions that benefited miniscule few,” he added.
Asserting that the BJP is and shall do away with any of the policies that were designed to serve the vested individual interests of many Congress leaders, Gao claimed, “Since coming to power at the Centre in 2014, infrastructural investment and growth in road, railways, and aviation sectors has been unprecedented in the NE Region.”
Also, he added, several of the strategic projects in the state had time and cost over-run since those projects were milked by the top Congress leaders in collusion with the contractors. However, after BJP came to power in the state, we ensured that several projects were completed and made functional.
Terming it as a historic event, Gao appealed to the people to be part of the festivity and hear the PM speak.