Biking lifters and police

Dear Editor,
Through the column of your esteem daily, I would like to draw the kind attention of the concern police department towards the rampant lifting of bike on daily basis at twin capital of Arunachal. Inspite of repetitive FIR registered on an average of one per day, the police department are showing no interest in solving the case with utmost priority even after reporting the case within a few minute of incident with CCTV footage in which the identity of the lifters are clearly visible.
The police gave the assurance that the probability of finding the bike is almost negligible. Is it the way the law and order is handle by the peace keeper? Arent they making a mockery of themselves and losing the faith of the public for which they have been deployed?
The boldness and courage of bike lifters are at its zenith. Before the matter became grim, the police department should look into the matter as soon as possible so that in future no one is deprived of their hard earned possession for no fault of theirs.
A Citizen