Itanagar participates in IHWF

ITANAGAR, Feb 17: Twenty-five students from Rajiv Gandhi University and Dera Natung Government College participated in a ‘heritage trail walk’ from Indira Gandhi Park to Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum here as part of the India Heritage Walk Festival (IHWF)-2018.
The IHWF is a month-long, multi-city event, which introduces people to the tangible and intangible heritage of their cities and celebrates India’s rich cultural diversity. It is organised by Sahapedia, an encyclopaedia of Indian arts and culture, and YES Culture, the cultural division of the YES Global Institute.
Itanagar is the only city in the Northeast to be part of this pan-Indian event celebrated in 20 cities, and is hosting two heritage walks.
Saturday’s walk, titled ‘A heritage trail to the fallen war birds of Itanagar’, was conducted to provide a glimpse of the aviation history of two HAL-built Gnat fighter aircrafts and the local folklores associated with the fallen fighter planes.
The walk was led by DNGC Assistant Professor Duli Ete. He will also lead the second walk, ‘Revisiting forgotten western gate of Itafort’, on 24 February to create awareness on the archaeological landscape of Itafort and its history, and discuss the controversy surrounding its builder.