Horrific incident

The brutal rape and murder of a five year old girl at Wakro, followed by the public lynching of two alleged rapists at Tezu has exposes the deep frailties in Arunachal society. The killing of two alleged accused by mob shows that they do not trust legal justice system and therefore took matter into their own hand. In Arunachal often criminals after committing most heinous crime like murder, rape, etc easily walk out of the prison. The legal justice system is so weak that criminals easily find loopholes and get out of the jail. It is a painful experience for the victim’s family to see the criminals roaming freely after committing the dreadful crime.
In all the probability the people of Tezu took law into their own hand fearing that two alleged accused may walk free which usually happens in the state. For both lynching and rape incident the Lohit district administration is responsible to a certain extend. The weak policing lead to rape and murder of a young soul. Also the administration were found wanting at the time of lynching incident. They should have anticipated such incident and take adequate measures. Also it is reported that two alleged accused entered state without inner line permit. As a tribute to young 5 year soul, the state government should take adequate measures so that such incident does not repeat in future.