A society where children is not safe

Dear Editor,
As a denizen, I am not really proud of being an Arunachalee because of so many obvious reasons which most of us are aware of. Our literacy rate, for instance, is the lowest even among the North-eastern states; the roads built by our best engineers can’t last even for the next rainy season, and as people we always love to fight over petty and insignificant issues, even the exams conducted by our premier, the apex service commission is no better than jokes for laugh.
Certainly I am not a really proud Arunachalee.
But the fact is that Iam not ashamed of being an Arunachalee either because as far back as I can remember we don’t atleast rape and kill people and to know that such an act would be perpetrated upon children as little as five is the last thing on earth we would hear. This type of incidences is a very recent development, the most pathetic kinds of crimes possible.
Our society used to be a carefree society where every woman, every child could breath and live without any fear, without any tremor lingering in their heart- in their full freedom and innocence. And these days we hear of even children as little as five or thirteen getting sexually assaulted and worse still murdered, all for no reason.
To state one important fact, most of these heinous crimes, especially those perpetrated on women and children, have seen the involvement of Non-APST migrant workers more than any other. And I am not concerned about the crimes like bike lifting, theft or even sex scandals whatever.
My concern is about the type of society we are getting into where even the five year old ones are not safe anymore.
Dite Pertin,