Can we still proudly call Arunachal a peaceful state?

Dear Editor,
Once a peaceful state, Arunachal Pradesh is now witnessing an increasing crime rate in the recent past. The first ray of the New Year brings us new hope, new aspiration and a new dream to achieve.
But no one has ever dreamt of the series of horrifying incidents that have flooded in the month of February in our land-starting from the murder of Cashier of Rural Bank in Mebo, East Siang, rape of a minor (5years) and murder in Lohit and another two more cases of rape inYingkiong and Daporijo.
The month of February is truly a month of pain, blood, mourning and crying for justice.
If such cases continue to transpire in our society, I being a woman would not want to be a mother of a baby girl in future. On the other side, while vehemently condemning the inhuman act of the rapists, we also should condemn the act of vigilantism of the angry mob in Tezu.
The incident has drawn the attention of various international medias and it also has created an unforgettable history in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.
Many people have commented in social media and circulated in WhatsApp that justice has been done to the rapist. But have we ever pondered upon the viability of taking law in our own hands?
What if the rapist was a tribal, would we resort to the same violence?
Or is it the consequences of the failure of the judiciary system of the land? This act of vigilantism has also questioned the credibility of law and order system in the state.
Whatever may be the reason but I think we don’t have the rights to take someone’s life. The quest for justice/revenge in anger has led to another injustice to a family. This has set a bad example in the society for the future cohort. Violence will not bring justice rather it multiplies the act of violence and supporting vigilantism is like supporting another type of inhuman act.
Nevertheless, effectiveness of the laws and faster deliverance of justice is the need of the hour in the state and country as a whole.
The reported cases of rape in Arunachal Pradesh is increasing at a very fast rate but hardly have we heard the news of justice being delivered. Where is the implementation of law? Or are the case is being subjugated by the powerful?
With the increase of crime in the state, the sense of fear and tension among the people has also increased.
In every corner may it be a social media group, restaurant, club, friends gathering, office rooms you will hear the same story. There is clearly a growing sense of insecurity, fear and tension among the parents for their Children, brother for their sister and wife for their husband. Does it give mental peace to us? Are we living in peace?
Therefore, before the situation get worse, the state need to wake up from the slumber, should work to win the heart of the people back and strive for a society of justice and peace.
This is a huge challenge for a developing state like Arunachal therefore the public cooperation is also highly appreciated.
Apilang Apum,
Assistant Professor
( Economics)
JTMDC, Roing