Irresponsible Aircel Network

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily I would like to express my grievance with Aircel mobile network. I have been hearing rumours about the probable closure of Aircel mobile network since last year. However we/at least I have been receiving clarification messages from customer care that rumour is untrue and Aircel is stable.
Since then, I was using my Aircel mobile number without any problem apart from periodic fluctuation from 3G to 2G and vice-versa. So, I thought that rumours indeed may be just rumours. Now, when we were informed about the mandatory linking of mobile number with Aadhaar, I as a law abiding citizen went to Aircel Office to do the same.
Here it is worth mentioning that it took some work to track the Aircel Office which used to be near Civil Secretariat, an address still mention in Aircel website but we all know what stands there now.
So, I went to Chandra-nagar where they have set up apparently a temporary office. I was informed that there is no link, so I revisited few days later. This time my number was linked successfully.
However they charged me for it. If I am not misinformed by all the news websites and customer forums I referred it was meant to be free of charge and no network company was to charge a single penny from customer for it. But I was happy that work was done so didn’t made fuss about it. Now the big joke is that 2-3 days afterwards all out of sudden, without a single warning Aircel shuts down its network across the country.
I wonder what was the purpose of paid linking which actually should have been free linking. It’s a big slap on face of the customer who despite chaotic traffic and dusty road presented themselves at the Aircel Office to save their number.
Primary problems came from the fact that I have been using my Aircel number since 8 years and have giving it as my official correspondence contact number whether it’s banking or job applications. Even MNP (Mobile Number portability) is out of option because SIM has no Network connection to receive OTP necessary to complete the process.
Therefore, given the circumstances I would hold Aircel mobile networks responsible for any inconvenience faced due to dilemma they have brought upon their loyal customers.
Rubu Duyu,




Dear Editor,
We all know the government has made it mandatory to link Adhaar number with a SIM Card connection, banking/account and LPG connection.
It pain to express that I have been a loyal customer of Aircel company, as a result I made my Aircel number as my only official number.
I have provided my Aircel number in my resume, institutions, registered in my account and all my relatives and old friend know this as my lone number.
Now, out all sudden the said company has shut down the services on dated 23/02/17 at around 9.00 pm without a single warning or a prior notice.
There was rumour of it being closed down but then the company never notified in the media, at least in Arunachal Pradesh.
D. Gao, Itanagar