APWWS, orgs meet on growing violence; seek govt intervention

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: The Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society (APWWS) convened a meeting with community based organizations, NGOs and All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) for a discussion on the way forward to deal with growing instances of violence, particularly regarding rape and murder of minors, which has sent waves of insecurity and fear amongst women and children throughout the state.
Chaired by APWWS president Dipti Bengia Tadar and its secretary general Kani Nada Maling, organizations and individuals demanded that the state government take strong action to stop the increasing crime against women and children in Arunachal Pradesh.
Representing the Tangsa Literary and Cultural Society, Itanagar, Samnem Ngemu called for strong implementation of the POCSO Act. She asked the NGOs of different communities to check proper implementation of guidelines during establishment of various educational institutions -both private and government.
She further called for establishment of women police stations in every district.
Joint Secretary of Tagin Cultural Society, Yater Soki emphasized that the rapists of the minor children should get strong punishment as she called for legal awareness across the state.
Representing the Galo Women Welfare Society, G B Kamgo said that women need representation in the Legislative Assembly to participate in policy decision.
General Secretary of the Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum, Montu Mossang said that males should also come forward to fight against the rising crime towards women.
He further said that areas where crimes are most likely to happen- schools, parks, colleges and urban areas -need to be under the police and CCTV surveillance.
Mossang also emphasized the need to properly analyze the problem of judiciary, police and teachers for proper implementation of laws pertaining to safety of women and children. He requested for separate budget to fight against social crimes, especially related to women and children.
President of the Yobin Welfare Community, Lucheso Yobin urged the state government to form action committee from among various communities for women issues.
The joint secretary of Yobin Welfare Society, Yushiya Yobin also urged all parents to give sex education to their children.
He recommended that the three-year punishment for rapists under the POCSO Act needs to be re-structured, and emphasized that there should be life imprisonment for such heinous crimes.
General Secretary, AAPSU (Women Wing) Kipa Yanu called for proper evaluation while issuing inner line permits as she requested monitoring of cases of violence against women.
Radhilu Chai, representing the Idu Mishmi Welfare Society stated that the Education department should conduct monthly visits of schools to monitor the condition of schools. She also urged all the private schools not to recruit male wardens, which house both girls and boys together.
She further called for compulsory sex education from primary level till secondary level.
General Secretary of MUSKAAN, Kobby Zirdo Bagra called for interlinking of every department as she called for action against those education institutions where earning is the main motive.
She also requested to the IPR department to create awareness on good touch and bad touch to boys and girls. She further suggested recruitment of psychiatrists in the Education department to monitor or counsel the children in schools.
A two-minute silence was also observed in memory of the five-year-old girl who was raped and killed in Lohit district recently.
The Secretary General of APWWS has said that it is disheartening to see that the state government doesn’t feel it necessary to invite women NGOs for pre-budget discussion.
Kani Nada Maling asked whether the government thought that suggestions or opinions by women are immaterial when half of the population in the state is women.
She said that the earlier government had invited the APWWS, the apex women’s organization for pre-budget consultation leading to inclusion of a member in the State Development Planning Board as well as allocation of funds for the de-addiction centres in the state. With exception of few, de-addiction centres are yet to be set up in the state, Maling said.
The APWWS has been raising concern about growing crime against children for many years and has been demanding for establishment of an independent Child Rights Commission, which is yet to be functional citing lack of funds, she said.
‘If the state government can allocate crores of money for festival celebrations, what stops the state government from constituting the Child Rights Commission’, Kani asked, stating that such inaction by the government clearly exposes its priorities.