The innocents, helpless and vulnerable lot

Dear Editor,
Will a tiny drop of tear may also be spared for that lunatic youth Madhu also who was recently barbarically beaten to death by a blood thirsty mob in Kerala (a “highly educated” state and “highly technologically progressive” one also with one of the “brave” moral guardians of the society even daring to click a selfie during the fatal assault!) on the accusation of stealing mere food items!
Be she/he a famous or a faceless person —- human rights of all should probably be the same!
And it is high time we acknowledge the hard fact that socio-cultural progress of a society is not a bit dependent upon literacy. Else a 100% “literate” state would not have indulged in barbarism of such dastardly proportion. So instead of a result-oriented education system which revolves only around marks, grades and bagging of jobs; stress should be awarded to value-based education which would not only impart humanity upon the upcoming generation, but also enlighten them of a sense of differentiating between right and wrong.
However this is not a stray case in the Southern state. Kerala remains on the top bracket nationally in the incidents of such brutal assault or mobocracy. Numerous such cases have already been witnessed in “God’s own country”, with the victims being primarily migrant labourers, lunatic or poor. So instead of boasting about literacy or natural beauty, Kerala should introspect a bit and ensure strict law and order so that the brutes think twice before assaulting innocents or accused persons again.
And why don’t the “brave” lots display their “might” by confronting the goons, timber mafia, smuggler and other such nuisance of the society instead of venting their suppressed ire upon innocents, helpless and vulnerable lot?
Kajal Chatterjee,