A scam

Dear Editor,
A scam is happening right under our nose. Recently I have noticed, in fact many of the people especially the unemployed youths too may have come across the manner how the initial stages (challan fee, documents submission etc.) of the departmental exams are processed leave alone how the exams are conducted.
I am here to enlighten you on about how a legal means is twisted to fill up the pockets of some. These departments are setting up a very dangerous trend to loot money from us. Earlier, to apply for any jobs we just had to submit our documents and the concerned department will scrutinize and decide whether a candidate has fulfilled the eligible criteria or not and following which they will send us the admit card/hall ticket.
But nowadays there is a change in this.
Now for our admit card, along with the required documents, we have to send an envelope having a postal stamp of not less than 5 rupees with self address written on it. Now I want to ask these departments:-
1. Can’t you even bear the expenses for sending our admit card to us?
2. Did we not pay you challan fee for that?
3. Or is your office employers are so lazy and illiterate that they can’t even write down our address in an envelope and send it back to us?
These departments corrupted mentality is “We will keep all of the challan money and let the candidates pay that extra money too to get their admit card, we will not spend a single penny for that”.
For getting our own admit card, we have to pay for it. Is it fair?
My advice to these departments is dont be so greedy and upon that lazy.
Your salary come from tax payers money. Correct this ill money looting trend before you face the outburst of unemployed youths.
And one more-few days back I think most of you had seen the advertisement of Power department for various posts.
Now this department has broken all the records, not only have they asked to submit an envelope with 5 rupees stamp on it along with the documents and application form but in the advertisement itself they have given the admit card also to be printed out by us. A single side print out cost Rs 10 and in that the schedule, time for the exam has already been printed. Now all these lazy staffs of Power department have to do is just write down the date and venues of the exam in the respective column provided in it.
My suggestion to the department is that they declare the name of the selected candidates too. It will be the first time in history and set another record.
Finally, I would like to apprise and appeal each and every youth and individuals out there don’t think what’s in it since it’s just a matter of 10-20 rupees.
Let me tell you that for this very attitude of us, Arunachalees are encouraging these departments to go ahead with their corrupt means and practices without any fear.
They are finding loopholes in it and taking full advantages.
This is a typical example of one such scam which is going around and it’s going to get much bigger in the days to come as every year thousands of student graduates adds to ever increasing unemployed section of the society as the government is not providing enough jobs.
So don’t tolerate any corrupt practices and raise a voice against it, expose it for everyone out there to know, but don’t be a mute spectator please.
And to all those government departments if you are reading this, especially the heads of departments, I would like to say that you have already lost all the respects from every citizen in last many years so atleast have some self respect.
I dare you to respond for this cheap, shameful act in this very Reader’s Forum.
An Unemployed Youth