Right to Public Service Bill to reduce corruption: Ering

NEW DELHI, Mar 6: A Bill that will confer right on every individual citizen to time-bound delivery of services and redressal of grievances was filed in the Parliament by Member of Parliament Ninong Ering.
The Bill will be tabled in the current budget session of the Parliament.
If passed, the Bill titled “The Right to Public Service” (RTPS), will reduce corruption among the government officials and increase transparency and public accountability, Ering said.
The right to public service legislation has been introduced in various states following the legislation of the Madhya Pradesh Government in 2010.
By now, more than 20 states have introduced such acts.
On the Bill, Ering said, “The basic essence of having a representative form of democracy in a nation is to entitle the citizens with basic services by the state. Therefore, it becomes the primary duty of the government to deliver services to the public. Failing to deliver public services to the citizens within the specified time limit, the government would have to pay compensation to the public.”
He said that most of the corruption takes place in government offices in the delivery of public services. Due to non-accountability to deliver public services in time, common people have to bribe the government officials. This Bill could be a milestone to prevent day to day corruption, the MP from Arunachal Pradesh added.