Governor urges youth to prepare for future challenges

ITANAGAR, Mar 7: While students of the North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) waited for a response from Governor BD Mishra (president of the NERIST Society), for over a week, the governor held an interaction with the students of Rajiv Gandhi University and National Institute of Technology at the Raj Bhavan here on Wednesday.
He called upon the visiting youth at the Raj Bhavan to be prepared to address the challenges of the future through entrepreneurship and self-employment.
The youth must imbibe the spirit of innovation and change their mindset for sustainable livelihood beyond the realm of jobs and service, the governor said in his interaction on the topic, ‘Prepare oneself towards entrepreneurship and self-employment’.
Continuing his endeavour in reaching out to the students of higher and technical institutions of the state, the governor said that the workforce is increasing in geometrical proportion but the jobs are increasing in arithmetical progression, which is causing a mismatch in the numbers of job seekers and jobs availability.
Highlighting the important vocational training programmes undertaken by the government, the governor advised the youth to go for skill development and vocational trainings.
He highlighted the sectors which have huge scope for development such as automotive, electronics system design and manufacturing, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals and food processing.
He also informed the youth regarding the subsidized loans provided by the government such as Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana, Mahila E-Haat and ‘Stand up India’ scheme.
Strongly advocating against corruption and dishonest practices, the governor said that every member of the society is responsible for ensuring transparency and securing an accountable society.
Everyone must resolve to take stand against the dishonest practices in the society, he said and emphasised on open, clean and user-friendly administration and a society where there is amity and oneness.
The students also shared their views and wanted introduction of skill development courses in the schools, colleges and universities.