NERIST fiasco

Dear Editor,
Seeing all the hullabaloo and cacophony in North East Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) which is deemed to be among the finest and premier institutes of the North-Eastern region, I failed to abstain myself from intervening and commenting on the ongoing imbroglio thus brought upon in the appointment of a regular Director for the august institute, which has been rendered pending and bending since its establishment.
This time around the decision makers have shown the unique mentality of ‘The Land of Khushi-Khusi’ by shoving the wrong foot on the wrong shoe. It need not be debated that Professor HS Yadav – the then Director in-charge – was shown the door in March 2017 by the Union HRD Ministry due to his incompetency and mismanagement. As such, going by logic, his re-appointment as a regular director in NERIST sounds illogical. Lamentably, no one – even the legislators and council of ministers in the Pema Khandu led BJP ruled state government – has the guts to question the autocratic and arbitrary decision, let alone the decisions of the Education Minister Honchun Nongdam.
Arunachal Pradesh has had the reason to breathe a sigh of relief when Kiren Rijiju was given the portfolio of MoS for Home Affairs in the centre. It is more than unfortunate that he has failed the people of the state. Being in such a high portfolio in the centre he has every power to intervene. Unfortunately, he has chosen the more comfortable path of boot-polishing his superiors, and failed the students’ community of the state and the region for his political gains.
Yesterday’s daily carried a banner of NERIST students that read “Political persons are prohibited here”. It is surprising why the political class and the present state government do not take a hint from the graffito. Eminent journalist Tongam Rina has rightly pointed out in the 7th March issue of a daily that “NERIST agitation should be a learning experience for all-listen to young ….” but then, when is our state government going to take the voices of the youth seriously and with concern, and that too, at a time when the world is preferring the ideas of the youth.
It is ironical that Professor Yadav was given the charge of a regular director of NERIST in his absence. It has been reported in the state dailies that he was in Delhi when his name was flashed for the coveted post. Are the people of Arunachal, and for that matter, of the North-East, not to be able to read the game-play? I don’t suppose so. It is certain that at the time when the students’ community of Arunachal Pradesh were struggling for their rights, Professor Yadav was lobbying to get favour in Delhi to be prized the coveted post of N ERIST’s director.
Therefore, I, on behalf of Green Arunachal Foundation (GAF) and the people of the state appeal and plead His Excellency, the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh – in the position and capacity of the Chancellor and the head of the constitution of the state – to intervene into the matter.
Takam Tatung,
Chairman, GAF