Thank you and an appeal

Dear Editor,
In the fateful evening of 7th February 2018 APRB Cashier of Mebo, Late Bomge Nyori, was working late out of sincerity, when assailants tried to rob the bank. He boldly dealt with them and sacrificed his life in safeguarding the Public Money.
Without losing any time, the Pasighat Police under the close and able supervision of S P Prasant Gautam, DySP Torum Makcha, OC Inspr Atan Taki, SI B Pait, SI T Bukar swung into action and has been able to put the culprits behind the bars in only 19 days.
Starting from the thick forest of Mebo without any clue and nabbing of the culprits from the crowded platform of Cooch Bihar is really commendable. The whole Police team especially the two young officers, SI Vicky Lowang and SI Wokim Mugray along with Ct. W Diwen , Ct. C Kumar and H/C Dvr Padung who led the whole operation in West Bengal deserves appreciation not only from the Rilu Welfare Society but from the people of the state.
The arrest has also led to the recovery of the surveillance system of the bank. I met the DSP Makcha, OC Taki, SI Lowang and SI Mugray and thanked them on behalf of the Society for their unparalleled achievement. The Police team in turn thanked the Society for having faith in the Police Department and for not pressurizing them during the investigating period. I strongly feel that with Pasighat becoming a Smart City, this well-coordinated Police Team needs to stay on.
Through this forum, I on behalf of the Rilu Welfare Society also sincerely acknowledge and thank everyone for the solidarity. I offer my gratitude to everyone who came out for the Candle- Light March and processions, who shared positive messages in social media, and all those who remembered his name in their silent prayers. I would also like to thank MLA Lombo Tayeng, DC Tamiyo Tatak, ADC Tado Borang and the local administration for their assurance and for taking the matter seriously.
I would also like to thank all the members of various organizations and also the general public for the support.
The Rilu Welfare Society look forward to everyone’s continued support till justice is achieved and exemplary punishment given to the culprits and at the same time appeal to the Government for the grant of ex-gratia and provision for a stable income to the bereaved family in honour of an Official who had laid down his life on duty.
Mimar Nyori,
Vice President,
Rilu Welfare Society