Strictly monitor the progress

The sanctioning of Rs 33619.50 lakh to Government of Arunachal Pradesh by National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD) in order to develop rural infrastructure is welcome news for the people of state. For the fund starved state like ours this is huge money and it should be properly utilized. The NABARD has sanctioned this fund for the construction of 21 new roads, two rural bridges and few drinking water supply projects across the state. Now the onus lies on government of Arunachal to properly implement the project sanctioned by the NABARD.
The sanctioning of fund especially for the construction of 21 new road projects will immensely benefit the people of state. Road connectivity in Arunachal is still very poor. Especially in rural areas the situation is quite bad. Majority of villages do not have proper road connection. Still today people have to walk days to reach their villages. If properly implemented, the 21 new road projects sanctioned by the NABARD will make life much better for the citizens where these projects will be implemented. However state government should strictly monitor the progress of these road projects. They should ensure the timely completion of project and also quality should not be compromised at any cost. Misuse of government fund is the gravest threat to the development of Arunachal.