Revoke decision to grant ST certificates to refugees: ACS to govt

ITANAGAR, Mar 14: The Arunachal Civil Society (ACS) has demanded that the chief minister revoke the cabinet decision of 2002, granting Scheduled Tribes (ST) status to the villagers of Shyo village, Tawang.
In a letter issued on 9 August, 2002, the then Secretary (Social Welfare) had directed the then Tawang Deputy Commissioner to issue ST certificates to the Indian citizens originating from Shyo village following the cabinet decision.
The letter further directed that the citizenship of the residents should be carefully verified with reference to the genealogical tree prepared in respect of the 90 families and they be established as bonafide residents of the village (Shyo) before issuing any certificate.
The ACS claims the residents of the village are, in fact, Tibetan refugees temporarily settling there, and ST certificates were issued to all the residents disregarding the instruction of the government.
It demanded that the process of issuing ST certificates should be stopped forthwith and such certificates already issued to the Tibetan refugees from the village be recalled.
Further, the services of all those Tibetan refugees, who have landed government jobs through fraudulently obtained ST certificates, should be terminated immediately.
The ACS claimed there are many Tibetan refugees, who are not bonafide residents of Shyo village and have obtained ST certificates.
It appealed to the legislatures to discuss the issue in the assembly without any reservation.