TKSC member passes away

NAMSAI, Mar 17: Chow Thieng Longchat, social worker and an active member of the Tai Khampti Singpho Council (TKSC) passed away at the age of 73 years at Manna village on Saturday.
He left behind his wife, three sons and two daughters.
Longchat was associated with the TKSC since the seventies and played an important role in decision making as executive member of the council.
“His untimely demise is not only an irreparable loss for his family but also a great loss for the Khampti society,” said the TKSC.
His immense contributions towards socio-political development of the society will always be remembered, the Council said, adding that the vacuum created in his death will be difficult to fill.
The Tai Khampti Development Society and Theravada Buddhist Society Itanagar have deeply mourned the demise of Longchat.