‘Human rights defenders harassed in Manipur’

BENGALURU, Mar 19: Human rights defenders campaigning for justice for extra-judicial executions in Manipur are facing harassment, intimidation and attacks, Amnesty International India said today, urging state authorities to investigate all complaints promptly and impartially.
“At least four activists involved with the Extrajudicial Execution Victim Families Association in Manipur say they have been harassed or attacked in the last few months by security force personnel or others,” said Arijit Sen, Programme Manager, Amnesty International India.
“Manipur Chief Minister, N Biren Singh must ensure that state authorities protect the constitutional rights of these brave women and men fighting for truth and justice.”
In July 2017, the Supreme Court ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation to investigate over 90 alleged extrajudicial executions in Manipur (that took place in the period between 1979 to 2012) based on a writ petition filed by the Extrajudicial Victim Families Association (EEVFAM) and Human Rights Alert, an NGO. The investigation is ongoing.
Human Rights Alert has submitted a complaint to the Director General of Police, Manipur. Babloo Loitongbam, Executive Director of the organization said, “There is a pattern of attacks on those who are working with EEVFAM. It is an attempt to unnerve human rights defenders in Manipur.”
“Harassment, intimidation and assaults cannot become the order of the day for human rights defenders in Manipur. These incidents raise concerns that that there is a renewed attempt to cripple human rights work in the state,” said Arijit Sen.