Project affected people resent non-fulfilment of demands

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: The project affected people, various organizations and students union have demanded the North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (NEECPO) Ltd authority to fulfil their own commitments and various other demands before commissioning of the 600 MW Kameng Hydroelectric Power Project.
In a joint representation to the Chairman cum Managing Director of NEEPCO Ltd, Shillong, Meghalaya, the Aka (Hrusso) Elite Society, All Bugun Society, All Aka (Hrusso) Students Union, All Bugun Students Union and KaHEP Affected Area Development Committee stated that the NEEPCO authority has miserably failed to fulfil their own commitments and various other demands of the project affected people despite assurances given on several occasions.
One of such meetings was held in January this year in the conference hall of the chief secretary, wherein the demands and grievances of the project affected people were thoroughly highlighted, they said.
Some of the vital commitments made by the NEEPCO authority, were inclusion of three persons, (namely Deru Hagam, Rallo Tassu and Jabdung Jebisow) in the work-charge category, compensatory appointment of the wife of late Gobindro Sagro,
who was working under NEEPCO, appointment of person (Niksum Dususow) in Executive Cadre Post and regularization of the work-charge category appointees, which have not been yet fulfilled, they said.
It also demanded creation of 300 posts to absorb the deserving uneducated youths of the project affected area in particular and the state as a whole as per the Draft National Electricity Plan, 2016.
The representation expressed their willingness to sit in another round of meeting with NEEPCO authority on or before 23 March to reach a final settlement/understanding so that the matters could be solved before the commissioning of the project.
‘Any failure to fulfil the demands would compel us to resort to democratic movement’, they cautioned.